Ingrid Andress' new single, "More Hearts Than Mine," reflects on how bringing someone new home raises the stakes in the relationship, both for the people who are actually in it as well as for the surrounding family members. It's an emotional story, and one that the singer -- who, she admits, shies away from vulnerability -- initially hesitated to tell.

Her own parents, however, are a different story. "They love it," Andress relates, adding that she has a supportive family who indiscriminately love all of the music she puts out. "I mean, they'll let me know, like, 'How come you haven't put this song out yet?! It's way better!' And it's like, a song I wrote four years ago. I'm like, 'Uh, I think I've written some better ones since then!" she recalls with a laugh.

Andress and her parents are close, and the singer recently explained to Billboard that she is so protective of her family that she rarely brings anyone she's dating to visit her hometown of Denver, Colo. If she were to hypothetically show a newcomer around the place where she grew up, however, Andress says that she would steer them toward outdoor activities.

"I would tell you to go to the mountains, because it's gorgeous, and my family was really outdoorsy," she explains. "Any time we had off, we would go on bike rides, or hiking, or camping, white water rafting. That's pretty much what we did all the time. There was no one spot, because everybody in Colorado would rather be outside than inside."

Andress was homeschooled growing up, though she says she made it a point to spend time with other kids her age: "I would always go out of my way to be a normal kid, because there were a ton of kids in my neighborhood. I would play hockey with them all the time," she remembers. Even so, her experience with homeschooling left her with one important life lesson.

"I find that homeschoolers are better with alone time. I know a ton of people who just can't be alone. They need somebody around all the time and are uncomfortable with their thoughts," Andress adds. "But I love it."

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