Here’s a fact that should shock absolutely no one.

A survey conducted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that most fireworks-related injuries take place during or around the Fourth of July holiday festivities.

That’s fairly obvious, since there is an increase in the usage of fireworks around Independence Day and fireworks can often lead to injury, since, you know, the user is playing with fire. With more usage comes more possibility and/or probability of injury. It’s simple arithmetic.

The survey was conducted from June 17 through July 17 of last year. It concluded that 65 percent of fireworks injuries, which largely consist of burns to the hands and fingers, took place in the month of July. There were four fatalities, while a whopping 9,600 people were injured by both professional-grade and homemade (read: illegal) fireworks. Many required ER visits, too.

Other interesting stats revealed by the survey include the fact that adults in the 20-44 age range are most likely to sustain injury. Men often incur damage by things they set off themselves — firecrackers, bottle rockets, sparklers and the like — while women tend to be injured at public displays. So, it seems that injuries to men are more active, while those to women are more passive.

While it’s all common sense, the CPSC is hoping to raise awareness to all Americans that may be messing around with minor explosives during the holiday merriment. “For thousands of consumers, last year’s 4th of July celebration ended with a visit to the emergency room,” CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said. “CPSC wants you to understand the risks with legal and illegal fireworks, in order to prevent an injury, or worse, during this holiday.”

Essentially, if you play with fire(works), you could get burned. Be careful, America.

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