Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are no doubt raking in big money with their Soul2Soul residency at the Venetian in Las Vegas, which debuted this past weekend. But let's just hope they don't lose too much of it gambling in Sin City.

Taste of Country Nights host Jeremy Robinson caught up with Hill recently to talk about the show and her new single 'American Heart,' and she laughingly expressed concern when he asked her how much money Tim planned to lose in Vegas. "I hope he doesn't lose any of our money!" she exclaimed. "He probably will be [gambling]."

As for Hill, she's more likely to be found cheering her husband on than risking money at the tables. "I don't really gamble," she admitted. "He likes to. It's fun to be around and watch. Honestly, people watching in that town is one of the most fun things. They should sell that as a ticket!"

The wife, mother and country superstar was very excited about the couple's new show, which received rave reviews. "It's the most creative thing Tim and I have ever done, and we've put together some pretty remarkable shows," she enthused. "It's been really fun, because it's a small place; it's 1800 seats, and he and I are on stage together most of the time, which we have never done."

The Soul2Soul residency is scheduled to run through April 2013.

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