Blake Shelton has shared another classic cover from his Friends and Heroes Sessions with the iconic country track "The King Is Gone (So Are You)." Shelton delivers the story of a broken heart -- and the odd assortment of items left behind in the aftermath of a break up -- in the lyrics of the song, which was originally recorded by George Jones in 1989. Readers can press play above to listen to the rendition in all its tongue-in-cheek, honky-tonk glory.

"Last night I broke the seal / On a Jim Bean decanter / That looks like Elvis / I soaked the label off / A Flintstones' jelly bean jar," Shelton sings in the song's first verse. "I cleared us off a place / On that one little table that you left us / then I pulled up a big ol' piece of floor." 

The storyline continues, as the singer fills up his jelly bean jar with Jim Bean, and proceeds to have a deep and meaningful talk with the decanter -- which is in the shape of Elvis -- and Mr. Flintstone. The odd assortment of bachelors help him solve all of life's problems, especially when it comes to relationships gone sour.

The song is part of a lineup of cover songs that Shelton is releasing ahead of his Friends and Heroes 2019 Tour. "The King Is Gone (So Are You)" follows the release of Shelton's cover of Bobby Bare's "Tequila Sheila."

Shelton will have the Bellamy BrothersJohn AndersonTrace Adkins and Lauren Alaina on the road with him for his Friends and Heroes 2019 Tour. The trek is scheduled to begin on Feb. 14 in Oklahoma City, Okla., and run through March 23, when it will conclude in Albany, N.Y.

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