Ira Dean helped save a man and woman trapped in their car after a wreck on Saturday (Nov. 17) while he was on set for an upcoming movie, Deep River. The Trick Pony bassist shares what happened on his Facebook page.

In his account, Dean says he and several members of the film crew saw a car flying through the woods before it crashed on the side of the road near Sanford, North Carolina. They rushed to the scene to help the man and a woman, who were able to escape from the car.

“We heard the crash and I immediately took off running towards the car," Dean explains. "I found it upside down and mangled with no driver in sight. I heard screams from a woman and found her bloody and panicked. She was crying, 'Get him out.' Fellow actor Eric Hamilton and I quickly rushed to open the car doors, but they were both jammed. I finally climbed through the back to reach him."

"It took four of us from the movie crew to get him to safety," he says. "Then the woman suddenly lost consciousness. We were scared we might lose her before help could arrive. Thankfully, first responders and police officers showed up quickly and got them the medical attention they needed."

Both passengers of the wreck survived and were transported to a local hospital. Dean posted a video on social media following the encounter in which he admits that the two passengers are lucky to be alive.

"Thank God they're both alive and they're both going to be okay. I don't know how they both lived through it," he marvels. "Somebody upstairs has got bigger plans for them."

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