My blood was BOILING this morning on my way to work.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to be at work much earlier than normal, which meant I had to drive through school traffic, and I witnessed something that made my heart leap out of my chest.

This morning I was driving on Southland right by Bonham Elementary school.

I was behind a car, I was not paying attention to the type of car or the license plate number, but I really wish I was.

As we were driving to the crosswalk, there was a crossing guard walking with 3 kids behind her holding her stop sign up.

The cars on her side of the lane were stopped for her, but the car in front of me drove on through, no brake lights, no hesitation, NOTHING.

Missing the crossing guard and the students by 3 feet at most.

Naturally I came to a stop, shocked at what I had just witnessed when I locked eyes with the crossing guard.

We both just stared at each other with a shocked expression on our faces as the car went on its merry way.

If that car was 5 seconds later, that woman or those kids would have gotten hit, of that I am certain.

For the love of all that is holy, pay attention while driving.

And that's not just for crossing guards, that is for school busses as well.

If you drive past a school bus with its lights flashing, you deserve to get your license taken away.

There is nothing more important than the safety of those around you.

ESPECIALLY when you are driving past a school when there are children present.

I hope the person that did this is more careful next time, it definitely is making me more aware of other drivers and what they are driving.

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