One of the biggest names in country music, Darius Rucker joined Big D and Bubba this morning.

Immediately you could tell these guys knew each other, discussing past conversations, Darius buying an entire restaurant dinner, and even talking about fellow country star, Josh Turner.

It's awesome to hear old friends go back and forth about life, and what it's like for a big country star in the pandemic.

One thing is very clear, Darius Rucker misses being on the road, and most of all he misses his fans.

You can hear the whole interview, as well as Darius' new single, Beer and Sunshine, below

If you missed any more of Big D and Bubba this week, check out their video of the Egg Bowl. Where they decide who will win the Super Bowl using nothing more than 2 eggs and a microwave.

This was especially fun because they both got scared.

Darius meanwhile has been hard at work helping those at St. Jude this week.

"You would think it’d be sad, but it's not, The kids are so happy. Every kid I talk to that had cancer or some serious disease is so happy because his path is so green ... They (doctors) don’t give your kid X amount of days. They say, 'We're gonna save your kid's life. It's a really uplifting experience to be there."

You can see everything Darius had to say about St. Jude below.

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