Anytime a new boyfriend meets their girlfriend's father, it can be pretty terrifying. When that father is country music superstar Tim McGraw, the pressure is really on.

McGraw tells Country 925 that his 16-year-old, Gracie, is in a new relationship. "She has a boyfriend. She really hasn't been a big dater... she has one guy that they've been friends for a long time, and sort of turned into boyfriend/girlfriend recently," the singer reveals. He adds that he has actually enjoyed that progression, "'cause they've known each other for a while."

If the new boyfriend is worried about what McGraw thinks of him, he can rest easy. "He's a good guy," the superstar admits.

But, for all the other fathers out there who are looking for a little advice from the singer, he does share that he did something necessary when meeting said new boyfriend. "I've beat him up already. You've got to do that right off the bat," McGraw jokes.

The country star has been married to fellow country star Faith Hill for almost 17 years, so he has lots of great advice within the dating arena, as he continues to surprise his wife with exciting dates. However, he's said before that he's not a cool dad, so maybe his kids go to their mother for romance wisdom.

All joking aside, the country powerhouse couple make a great pair and their strong marriage is certainly a great model for their three daughters.