This Wednesday, July 10th the Stock Show & Rodeo Association will unveil a new NAME on the Stock Show & Rodeo Fairgrounds.  The Auto Wrangler Sale Pavilion & Livestock Barn.
The decision to buy the “naming rights” to the Auto Wrangler Sale Pavilion and Livestock Barn was based on Kevin & Natalie Allbright’s support of the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo and the scholarship program that benefits graduates of Texas High Schools.  Previously known as the Sheep, Goat, and Swine Barn, or “cattle barn” the Auto Wrangler Sale Pavilion & Livestock Barn will primarily be used for livestock sales, along with vendor events, banquets, meetings, and a growing variety of other activities.  During the Stock Show & Rodeo the building sees over 5500 exhibitors and their families that show over 11,000 entries.

This massive building was added to the fairgrounds in 2005, and serves primarily as a livestock building during the annual Stock Show & Rodeo.  This 100,000 square foot barn is completely paved asphalt and accommodates 1,331 (5’ x 5’) portable pens, boasts two to three areas, and includes a large wash bay.  In addition to the extensive office space and the sidewall exhaust system, The Auto Wrangler Sale Pavilion & Livestock Barn has a public address system, portable seating and an enclosed climate controlled room with an auctioneer’s stand, perfect for sales or vendor space.

courtesy of sassra