Rap and country aren't so distant these days. If you'll remember, rapper Nelly joined forces with Tim McGraw nearly ten years ago for the hit song 'Over and Over,' and again this past year with Florida Georgia Line for a remix of 'Cruise.' Since he's gotten to know a few country artists, Nelly has some secrets about them -- like McGraw's hidden rap talent.

The rapper recently visited 'Larry King Live' and told the host that although he loves to collaborate with country stars, he won't be setting out to do his own country album anytime soon.

"As you can see, I've collaborated with a number of people, country artists," Nelly says (quote via CMT). "Tim McGraw and obviously the Florida Georgia Line song has been real big this past year. So I respect it enough to know that that I can't do a whole country album because I'm not a country artist."

Although it's been some time since Nelly collaborated with the 'Southern Girl' hitmaker, he speaks fondly of the time they spent together while recording.

"Tim didn't rap. Not on the record," Nelly explains. "Now, he did some rapping in the studio that night when we were recording, because we were having a little fun. But I promised him I won't play that."

Nelly said he enjoyed the rap-country collaboration and thought it was "cool because he [Tim] brought Faith [Hill] to the studio." Sounds like the rapper is more of a country fan than we would have guessed.

Why does Nelly continue to do these collaborations that keep country fans guessing? He just likes to work with people who love the music as much as he does, and to "make people like what they don't think that they would like if they heard the suggestion."

We wonder who he will collaborate with next!