The Friends of Fairmont are selling pavers and the annual Fairmont Cemetery Cleanup will be on January 15th.

Jet Chen Tan

The Friends of Fairmount are selling engraved pavers in an effort to beautify the columbaria for ashen remains that is under construction at the historic cemetery.

Under the group’s Legacy Lane Enhancement Campaign, 6-by-6-inch pavers are available for $100 each, 6-by-9-inch pavers for $200 and 12-by-12-inch pavers for $500. The stones may be engraved with a name or special message.

Order forms are available at Completed forms should be mailed to Friends of Fairmount, P.O. Box 3522, San Angelo, TX 76902.

For more information, contact Mary Jane Steadman at 325-486-1510 or

Friends of Fairmount is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the enhancement and beautification of the cemetery at 1120 W. Avenue N.

Fairmount Cemetery’s new columbaria will have 462 niches for the interment of ashen remains. Thirty-two of those spaces will be 12-by-12-inches. The remaining 430 niches will be 8-by-8-inches. The structure is scheduled to be completed in February.

To add a name to the waiting list to purchase niches, call Fairmount at 325-655-9475.

Established in 1893, Fairmount Cemetery serves as a final resting place for many San Angelo-area residents. Numerous historic monuments fill the site and many date back to the 1800’s. The cemetery encompasses more than 57 acres and is designated as a Texas Historic Landmark. Many burial spaces remain available in the cemetery.

The annual Fairmount Cemetery Cleanup will be Friday, Jan.15. During the cleanup, City workers will remove flowers and other items from gravesites so they can clean and trim the cemetery grounds.

Residents who want to preserve items should remove them from gravesites before the end of the day on Thursday, Jan. 14. They can begin returning the items to the cemetery on Friday, Jan. 22.

Items left at gravesites will be picked up and held for one week so residents can recover them. If items are not recovered, the City will dispose of them beginning Monday, Jan. 25.

Lot owners are reminded that, for maintenance purposes, flowers should be placed only to the sides or in cradles on top of monuments.

For more information, call 325-655-9475.