If this is your birthday, congratulations!
You are celebrating along with country music singer, Randy Houser, born in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1975. A co-writer of Trace Adkins' "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk," he shows off a powerful voice with his 2008 debut album, "Anything Goes." He hits his stride with the 2013 album "How Country Feels".

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Happy 40th, Randy!

This Is Bake Cookies Day!

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People, young and old, celebrate this day by baking their favorite cookies. Make a party of it, and bake cookies in groups with family, friends, kids and grandkids. Don't stop at baking just one kind of cookies. Plan to bake a number of cookies. Try a new recipe, or two, or three, or....

If you bake more than you can eat, good for you! Wrap up gift trays filled with cookies for friends and neighbors. Most cookies freeze well, too.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y! 

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Concho Valley birthdays include:

For Friday, December 18th:
Becky Wood-37-Happy Birthday from your family!
Susie Lane-38-Happy Birthday from Tonya & your family!
Clemencia Lopez-89-Happy Birthday from your sister Susie & Nephew Justin!
Jordan Keel-18-Happy Birthday from Nana & all the family!

For Saturday, December 19th:
Crystal Rohn-30-Happy Birthday from your Dad, Mom, and your daughter Kaylee!
Avery Handy-14-Happy Birthday from Nana & all your family!

Congratulations to Clemencia Lopez, she WON a delicious dessert from Papa Murphy's!

1 couple is celebrating a Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, Dec. 19th:
Mitch & Mary Ann Hurd, Happy Anniversary from your good friends!

Mitch & Mary Ann win a dozen roses from Southwest Florists!

If you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary this weekend, we hope it's going to be a great celebration for you!