The good news is that San Angelo has lots of great food choices and Boomer has 6 favorites!


For breakfast, it's hard to beat Diego's Burritos, no matter which location you stop at! Boomer loves the sausage, cheese, and egg burrito and they have lots of delicious choices for your perfect breakfast burrito.

It's hard to beat the Croissanwich, either single or double! Boomer loves the double with ham, eggs, and sausage. If you get the double, you really don't have to worry about lunch, it'll last all the way until supper!

Any sandwich with avocado is awesome! Boomer likes the ham, turkey, avocado, tomato, 6 inch sub with Italian cheese bread. A bag of Cheetos and an unsweet tea is mighty good!

 If it's fajitas you crave, think Rosa's! Boomer likes anything with fajitas, but wishes
that there was a Taco Villa here. Taco Villa's meat burrito with red sauce is the best!
In lieu of Taco Villa, Rosa's is a good substitute.

The Angus Beef Cheese sandwich or the Turkey Bacon Club are Boomer's favorites
at Schlotzsky's! They also have good pizzas and salads!

No self respecting Texan can forget about Whataburger, and Boomer is no exception! The double meat-double cheeseburger is awesome, but for pure indulgence that will cause your Doctor to complain, get the Patty Melt!

Boomer goes to other restaurants, but these are the top 6 that get visited most often!

Here's hoping your next meal is a great one! Bon Appetit!