Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has some of the biggest names in the entire company. Thor. Black Widow. Doctor Strange. And then there’s the Eternals. They haven’t had a comic in years, they haven’t guest-starred in many comics ever, and they’re maybe the most obscure Marvel heroes that have ever gotten their own movie. So who are the Eternals?

The video above by ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey explains it all. You’ll learn about the Eternals’ origins thanks to genius artist Jack Kirby. You’ll learn about the Eternals and their mortal enemies, the Deviants. You’ll see the Celestials, and how they can connect Eternals to previous Marvel movies. And you’ll learn our theory why the Eternals, who are, y’know, eternal, never helped the Avengers fight Thanos or Ultron.

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