It was originally announced as the first Marvel Cinematic Universe series for Disney+. But at some point The Falcon and the Winter Soldier got bumped back behind WandaVision. (The reason for the change has never been made clear.) Even after WandaVision finally announced its premiere date on Disney+ (January 15), The Falcon and the Winter Soldier remained firmly in the Negative Zone known as “TBD.”

Marvel finally cleared the confusion up at its portion of Disney’s massive 2020 investor presentation. We finally know that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier — starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprising their roles from the Captain America and Avengers franchises — will debut on Disney+ on March 19.

As part of the announcement, Marvel also unveiled a new “first look” for the show, which features a ton of action, and a lot of Falcon flying footage. This does not look like a Marvel show stripped down for a small screen — it looks like a movie-sized story that’s premiering on streaming:

There’s also a new poster for the show as well:


The series co-stars Daniel Brühl as Zemo from Captain America: Civil War, and Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter. The big new addition to the MCU in the series is Wyatt Russell as John Walker, better known in Marvel Comics as the occasional Avenger U.S. Agent.

Noticeably absent from the trailer is any hint at who will wind up as the MCU’s new Captain America by the end of the show. We probably won’t know until the near the conclusion of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s six-episode run on Disney+ in the spring of 2021.

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