Horseshoes are a symbol of good luck around the world.  For horse lovers, these ordinary pieces of metal are more than just good luck charms.  They are a tool to protect and enhance a horse's feet and hooves.

For most horse owners, horseshoes are a personal decision. Not all horses need shoes. Of course,  horses in the wild don't have them. You could say the same thing applies to human beings.  We often wear shoes to protect our feet.

In the modern era, shoes have also become a symbol of wealth and privilege for people.   Now, the same can be said for horses.

Photo: Horse Kicks
Photo: Horse Kicks

Horse Kicks is a new company operating in the Horse Capital of the world, Lexington, Kentucky. This company has made its mission to deliver a better quality "shoe" to the best equine athletes in the world. According to their website,

"For far too long, these multi-millionaires have been fitted with traditional, run-of-the-mill horseshoes. Horse Kicks is here to change that."

The company is the brainchild of sneaker customizing expert and The Show Surgeon SRGN Academy alumni, Marcus Floyd. His goal is to create legitimate horse "shoes" by deconstructing and reconstructing popular human sneaker brands like Air Jordan, NewBalance650, and Yeezy Boost.

Photo: Horse Kicks
Photo: Horse Kicks

These horseshoes are not cheap. They start at $1200.

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There are definitely people who pamper their horses. Pedigree horses are a significant status symbol to many people in Texas and worldwide. People spend big bucks for air-conditioned horse trailers and barns that are plusher and with better climate control than many houses. So why not add the status of designer Horse Kicks?

Now that Kanye has been dropped by Nike and escorted by security out of the Sketchers corporate headquarters, maybe his next endorsement venture could be designer horseshoes.

He certainly has been acting a lot like a certain hind part of a horse's anatomy lately.



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