So, Texas is reopening, albeit slowly, but the reopening is happening nonetheless.

You can now get food at restaurants, you can go to the mall, you can do things for the first time in a couple months there is a sense of normalcy.

And with normalcy, I am asking, no, BEGGING for something else: decency.

Today, I got curbside pickup from one of my favorite places, not gonna say which one because it does not matter. I got my food, took it back to work and took a big bite.

I immediately knew something was wrong because my mouth started attacking itself.

Here's something you need to know about me: I HATE spicy food, like, a burning passion of hatred. I hate spicy food more than I hate when people say Soccer is better than Football, I hate spicy food more than I hate paying sales tax; I hate spicy food more than math.

Well when I bit into my food and found out instead of mayo, chili and jalapeño was added instead, I was very upset.

You see, I had already driven the 3 miles to the restaurant, waited to get my food, then drove the miles back to work.

Now I had to drive and wait to have them remake my food.

Naturally, I was very frustrated with this. I did not want to have to go back and get my food. BUT, I did not take it out on the workers at the restaurant. I did not demand something for free. I just went back, explained myself, and got the situation corrected.

We are all human, we are all stuck in this hellish situation called COVID-19. People are working now, why on Earth would we harass someone for making a simple mistake.

If that happened at my job I'd be so offended. They got one thing wrong, and took a little time out of my day. That is it. They did not threaten me, they did not cause physical harm to me.... intentionally. They just put the wrong topping on my burger.

So right now especially, if you find, a hair in your food, get the wrong drink, or anything like that.

Cut them some slack.

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