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What a story this is. And what's better is the ending is a happy ending.

Some Houston residents came together to rescue a kitten trapped on a freeway overpass on Tuesday. The little orange tabby somehow made its way onto the outer edge of a bridge support on Tuesday. According to the Houston Chronicle:

The kitten was found on top of a support beam under Highway 90 near S. Post Oak, according to a release from the Houston SPCA. Officials from the SPCA,  Harris County Precinct 1 and a traffic light installer from Third Coast Services, LLC worked to free the frightened kitten by luring her to a trap at the top of the beam. She escaped with a few minor scrapes.

Officials spent six hours rescuing the kitten according to the Houston Chronicle. The report goes on to say that the traffic light installer was at work close to the area and came to the bridge to help. How fortuitous is that? They say cats have nine lives and that is certainly true for this little tabby in this case.

That is amazing that all these nice people came together and took time out of their busy days to help rescue this kitten. The little cat was not microchipped so if nobody claims her, she will be offered up for adoption according to the story.

The Houston Chronicle posted a video and some pictures of the little tabby's rescue courtesy of the Houston SPCA. The video and pictures of the rescue are available at the publication's web site here.

Or you can see the video courtesy of Houston TV station KHOU in the below embedded video:

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