Before today I’d never heard of Trackdown, an obscure Western television series from the late 1950s. The show, one of many of its ilk in that era, starred Robert Culp as a standard Western lawman type. It ran for several seasons on CBS and then faded into obscurity, where it surely would remained if not for the very surreal episodes you can watch above in its entirety.

It’s called “The End of the World” and it’s about a con man trying to convince Culp’s town that they need to build a wall to protect themselves from catastrophic forces outside their borders. The man insists he’s the only one who can do the job, and threatens to sue people who dare to challenge with him. He literally says “I am the only one. Trust me. I can build a wall around your homes that nothing will penetrate.” And believe it or not, the character’s name is Trump. (Okay, Walter Trump. But still.)

Here are a few choice highlights to peruse and drop your jaw over.

Before you ask if I’m trying to put one over on you, the fact-checking website confirms the clip’s authenticity. It’s a real episode of a real television show.

Whether you love our President or think he is a monster, you have to admit: This is weird, right? What are the odds of this happening? If we go back in time, I’m not sure we’ll find a TV Western about a guy named Obama who wanted to open up access to healthcare. This is really, really strange.

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