The Turnpike Troubadours have canceled a string of concerts originally planned for Memorial Day weekend, and it's not clear — but seems unlikely— that they'll be rescheduled. Shows in Houston, Concan, Texas and at Austin's Lone Star Jam, where the Oklahoma country group were booked as headliners, were called off on Friday (May 24).

A statement on the Turnpike Troubadours' social media accounts on Friday didn't offer much in the way of details, but did ask for "prayers and support" during what they say is a "stressful time":

"This weekend’s shows are unfortunately not going to happen for Turnpike Troubadours. On behalf of the band, we apologize for all the cancellations previously and this weekend. We are saddened by the situation and want you all to know we tried our best to stay positive during this stressful time. However, we have been standing at the crossroads, optimistically in hopes of healing, but it was not meant to be. We ask for your prayers and support as it is our hope that our brother receives the encouragement and help he needs."

The last-minute cancelations are just the latest in what has been a roller coaster year for the group. They've been canceling shows sporadically since late 2018, and the first abrupt cancelation also came with a vague explanation to the band's fans.

"Living this life on the road has so many ups, but, like in all life situations, there are also battles and struggles with which you learn to deal ... When one of us is down, we are there to life them up and help them down the road," the Troubadours posted to Instagram in October 2018. "Right now, we have a situation that needs our complete attention ... As much as we would all love to keep touring, we love our family member more and need to be there to make sure he is able to conquer the issues with which he is struggling."

The Troubadours were direct support on Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town's Bandwagon Tour in 2018, which is Lambert and band frontman Evan Felker reportedly began dating while he was still married. Neither party ever publicly commented on the relationship, but photos of the two holding hands surfaced online in July of 2018. However, soon after, in an August interview with the TennesseanLambert revealed that she was single. She has since married a New York police officer she met while filming Good Morning America. Felker and his wife divorced last August.

The band still has a run of shows and festivals planned for summer, according to their website.


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