Trisha Yearwood has officially announced the track list for her forthcoming album, and the credits for Every Girl include some legendary names and exciting up-and-coming stars.

During CMA Fest 2019, Yearwood hinted at some of the familiar faces who contributed to her new record during her CMA Close Up Stage performance on June 6, when she brought Ashley McBryde, Lucie Silvas and singer-songwriter Karyn Rochelle to the stage.  Every Girl includes a cover of McBryde's "Bible and a .44," while Silvas is listed as a songwriter on the record.

"Ashley McBryde, I recorded one of her songs. Lucie Silvas, I'm a big fan of her, as a singer-songwriter. Karyn Rochelle -- I recorded a bunch of her songs, and she's singing on the record," Yearwood said of the decision to include some of the album collaborators in her CMA Fest performance. "I brought them in to kind of share their stories of how they got to where they were, to play a song."

Those collaborations are just the beginning: The album's full track list reveals many more collaborators and duet partners, including duets with Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks and Don Henley. In addition to covering McBryde's song on the album, Yearwood also delivers a version of Bonnie Raitt's 1977 "Home." In fact, the singer decided on recording that song in collaboration with Karla Bonoff, who initially wrote and has also recorded her own version of the track.

Every Girl is now available for pre-order, and is due out on Aug. 30. Following the album's release, Yearwood will launch her Every Girl on Tour in the fall of 2019.

Trisha Yearwood, Every Girl Track List:

1. "Workin’ on Whiskey"
2. "Find A Way
3. "Home"
4. "Every Girl in This Town"
5. "Tell Me Something I Don’t Know" (featuring Kelly Clarkson)
6. "What Gave Me Away" (featuring Garth Brooks)
7. "Something Kinda Like It"
8. "When Lonely Calls"
9. "Matador"
10. "I’ll Carry You Home"
11. "Drink Up"
12. "Bible and a .44" (featuring Patty Loveless)
13. "Can’t Take Back Goodbye"
14. "Love You Anyway" (featuring Don Henley)

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