The death of a U.S. Marine and assault of service members in a tragic attack here in San Angelo on October 2nd was devastating. Our service members know the risks of serving.  Yet, no one expects our dedicated soldiers to be slain right here in the communities where they serve.

Marine Staff Sgt. Bryce Rudisell was 28 years old.

He was a fire training instructor at the Louis F. Garland DoD Fire Academy. Not only did this Marine serve his country.  He worked diligently to help children in need, as a member of Toys for Tots of the Concho Valley.

The loss of this Volunteer Staff NCO,  who worked hard for Toys For Tots since 2019, has left the organization in dire need. His tragic death and its lingering impact on other Marines, who are crucial to the Toys for Tots campaign, is leaving this year's Toys for Tots campaign in dire need.

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All of this happening in the midst of continuing difficult economic times, and rising prices means there are so many families in our local 14 county area who need help this holiday season.

Toys for Tots has been providing toys and smiles for needy children at Christmastime for 75 years.  In 2021, they distributed 119.613 toys to 17,252 children in our communities who otherwise might not have experienced a toy at Christmas.

As our Marines fight for us and for local children, we have an opportunity here in San Angelo to honor them.  They need help. Monetary and toy donations are needed. They are also looking for volunteers in the warehouse and helping to fill the void left by the loss of Marine Corps members facing challenges caused by the tragic loss of U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Bryce Rudisell.

Our Marines have never let us down in the fight for freedom around the world. Let's not let them down or the children who need them this holiday season. If you would like to volunteer, or donate, you can contact Toys for Tots Campaign Coordinator, GypC Serna at 325-277-1569. You can also click here for more vital information

Toys For Tots Campaign Coordinator



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