The 2022 MARINE CORPS Toys For Tots Motorcycle Reindeer Run is being held on Sat, Nov 19th From 9 am – 3 pm at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop at 4333 Sherwood Way.

You’re invited to join the Elf Committee and other Motorcycle Enthusiasts from all across the Concho Valley and beyond at a family fun-filled day to include an approximately 64 mile optional motorcycle ride, door prizes, auction, raffle, music, Bike Games, and other activities with all Toys and funds raised to benefit the US MARINE CORPS TOYS FOR TOTS of the Concho Valley whose goal is to provide Christmas to children in need throughout the area. The day will conclude with a Parade of Motorcyclists lead by Santa Claus to drop off all Toys & Funds raised that day. For more information, call 325-277-1569 or visit

GypC Serna, Campaign Coordinator for the Toys For Tots Elf Committee had a few things to say about our Toys For Tots program in the Concho Valley. The San Angelo Toys For Tots Elf Committee so Excited to continue to rely upon the amazing generosity of so many individuals, businesses, sponsors, and other organizations across the Concho Valley. As a reminder, the committee works to accept donations all year long even though their Official Campaign Kick-Off date begins October 1st each year. That considered, they say that they simply cannot express in words their Immense Gratitude to all of their Marines and the civilian volunteers that make each year such a huge success despite challenges we face. They offer gratitude  for our community that continues to allow the program to grow and flourish each year. They remain deeply indebted to their Marines for all of their continuous hard work and dedication as they remain aware that it is because of all they do that Toys For Tots is able to accomplish all that they undertake every year. Toys For Tots wants you to know that they appreciate every single thought, prayer, hope, wish, penny, nickel, dime, and dollar that so many have offered and will contribute because it simply means we can all make a difference. Thank You.

I encourage you to make it out to Fuzzy's Taco Shop and enjoy being a part of the 2022 Toys For Tots Motorcycle Reindeer Run on Sat, Nov 19th.

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