Here are the top 10 reasons for you to go to Showdown in San Angelo at Lake Nasworthy this weekend:

10. We'll give you a chance to Win Schlitterbahn Tickets! Just stop by our tent and give us your name and cell number. If we call you, you win 2 tickets to Schlitterbahn!

9. See the fastest drag boats and wave runners anywhere.

8. It's a great excuse to work on your tan. 

7. It's always fun to see others working on their tans.

6. Camp out and have a fun weekend!

5. See drag boats that can cost over $200,000.00!

4. Enjoy lots of cold beverages and tasty food!

3. Listen to Roger Monroe, the race announcer. This guy could make a chess game sound exciting!

2. Root for Reagan Everett and all our local drivers!

1. Everyone you know is going to be there, so join us for a FUN TIME!

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