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Now here's something you don't see every day.

A parent bared all this week to prove a point at a Dripping Springs, Texas school board meeting.

James Akers anecdotally said he ran traffic lights, which almost killed somebody, then parked in a handicapped spot because all the other spots were full just to get to the meeting. Akers was trying to make his point about how sometimes following the rules, such as wearing a mask, is for the benefit of others.

“I do not like government or any other entity telling me what to do,” Akers said. “But sometimes I gotta push the envelope a little bit. I just decided I’m not going to just talk about it, but I’m going to walk the walk. At work they make me wear this jacket; I hate it. They make me wear this shirt and tie; I hate it.”

I don't know if there was any burlesque music playing while Akers was shedding his clothes. The crowd took sides on the show that was put on by Akers. Some cheered him on while some were not too happy with the display.

Despite the show from Akers and other parents making pleas, the board did not change their mask policy.

Emotions were high. Parents laid out their arguments over a span of two hours; sometimes they were respectfully heard, but sometimes they were disrupted. In the end, nothing changed.

Akers would later put his clothes back on at the request of the school board, so at least they got one thing accomplished.

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