Taylor Swift is known for her impressive stockpile of basically any type of award imaginable. Also, she's lauded for putting together theatrical and elaborate tours. And she's striking with gorgeous golden locks and model-tall stature. But, she doesn't want to be remembered for that -- she really just wants to be known for treating people well. 

The 23-year-old reflected on what she'd want to be remembered for 20 or 30 years from now, telling Clay Moden of Taste of Country station WYRK, "I hope that people would focus on my lyrics and my songwriting. And I hope that I would be known for treating people well."

Swift continued, "I think that's, to me, more important than what image they would have of me or anything like that -- physically or aesthetically. I would want it to be more of a reputation for being good to people and writing songs that accurately showcased how I felt."

It's safe to say that probably won't be a problem. The singer has a lengthy reputation for helping kids who are struggling with illness or have failing health, was the most charitable celebrity of 2012 and even won an award for her compassion. So, she has the
"being good to people" part pretty much down.

Plus, her songs are 100 percent known for saying exactly what she's feeling, with a perfect example being her hit 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' She essentially found her fame with lyrics that are deeply honest and very emotional. As long as she keeps track with what she's been doing, Swift will hit her goal of being known for her kindness  and her songs, whether it's in 30 years or 300 years.

The 'Everything Has Changed' singer added one more item to her list of future hopes, saying humorously, "Hopefully I'll be dressing like I'm 53, not like I'm 23. That's another thing. Aging gracefully is high on the priorities list."

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