When you're a country music power couple like Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, it can be easy to fall for the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. But, the 'All Kinds of Kinds' singer relays that she not only stays grounded with her funny guy, but also has a tremendous amount of respect for him. 

“Blake is really smart," Lambert tells Access Hollywood. "I mean, he jokes a lot of the time – he’s not serious very often, but he’s really smart. And when he chooses the moments to be serious and has ideas, and kind of suggests things to me about my career or something I’m doing, I listen, because he’s been at it a lot longer than I have too.”

Whatever advice he's giving her is working out well, as she's the 2013 Female Vocalist of the Year, and the couple had 10 nominations for this year's awards between the two of them.

Adds the songstress, “And so I respect him not only as my husband, but as another artist that’s really successful.”

She's amazingly humble about it all, and insists that despite all of their awards and acclaim, they're able to stay grounded because they hide away in their tiny-town Texas home, doing things that, well, normal people do. After all the red carpets and touring, Lambert explains, "...We are absolutely hillbillies from Oklahoma. We are completely different people...there is no paparazzi in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.”

She continued, “So that’s one reason that I feel like keeps us just grounded and keeps our roots and keeps us level-headed as a couple and as artists and as everything else— just goin’ and being normal. Going to the grocery store and hanging out watching TV and having that time. Even if it’s a day, it gives you time to recharge the battery.” Plus, their date nights clearing brush and eating at Dairy Queen probably don't hurt either!

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