Tanya Tucker's latest release, "Hard Luck," is the first official single from her forthcoming new project, While I'm Livin'. The song, and its accompanying music video, sets a playful tone for the album: Tucker laughs off her bad luck, persevering through hard times with help from great friends and traditional country music.

Filmed at Nashville's American Legion Post No. 82, the music video for "Hard Luck" follows Tucker, along with her pal and producer Shooter Jennings, as they pull up to the venue to take in some live music and enjoy a poker game. Meanwhile, a worried Brandi Carlile -- who co-produced While I'm Livin' with Jennings -- sits at the bar inside, checking her watch and waiting impatiently for her friends to show up. When Jennings and Tucker finally do arrive, Carlile still remains in the backdrop, acting as the concerned chaperone while Tucker bets all her money, her car and even Carlile's wristwatch at the cards table.

Fortunately, rough-and-tumble though Tucker's luck may be, it seems to suit her: She wins the game, and walks away with the keys to another player's motorcycle. Drinks, dancing and hilarity ensue. Finally, Tucker and Jennings hop on the back of the motorcycle and ride away, as Carlile chases after them with helmets.

Originally released by rock group Josefus in 1978, "Hard Luck" takes on new life in Tucker's capable hands. "If you know Tanya Tucker, you know this is her song," Carlile explains in a press release. The singer revamped the song's lyrics to personalize it to her new project, which also includes a number of songs written by Carlile and twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

While I'm Lovin' marks the release of new music from Tucker for the first time in 17 years. It's due out on Aug. 23.

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