On Monday a change is coming to KGKL. Starting at 3PM you will hear Quinn Alexander on your drive home.

I was born and raised in San Diego California and I've been involved in radio for 6 years now.

Got my career started in San Diego, from there I lived in Arkansas City Kansas, then I spent the last 2 years living in Augusta Maine.

I have always had a love for country music and always sing it poorly. Rascal Flatts, Brooks N Dunn, and Tim McGraw are my favorites.

I do not have children, but I do have 2 nieces, Genevieve and Kennedy back home in California and they are my favorite people on the planet.

I am a huge nerd, I love all things super hero, anime, and comedy junkie. I would honestly go to a comedy to show over a concert.

Food is my favorite thing in existence, I consider "work" what I do in order to afford food.

I try my best to be as friendly as possible. If you see me at Panda Express or Chick fil A eating alone, I am always open to company.

I am an open book, ask me any question, and i'll answer honestly.

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