The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is now offering "Do It Yourself" adult contemporary classes. There 3 classes during this month: Canning 101, Beer Brewing 101, and Weaving 101.

Beer Breweries packaging Bottles with cap

Canning 101 ($50) -  Become a Picklin’ Queen or King this summer.
Experiment with methods, spices and recipes while learning the history behind canning. Use locally grown produce to make salsa, pickles and okra. Each participant will go home with 3-4 jars they have canned and the knowledge to continue the craft.

Beer Brewing 101 ($75 or $100 for 2) - Learn about the history behind brewing and how to make your own beer.
All materials will be provided and everyone will go home with a liter of beer that you helped craft. Bring your own snacks and beverages. Some key beer-tasting opportunities will be available as well.

Weaving 101 ($25) - Explore the basics of modern weaving with local, self-taught weaver, Amber Carns.
Understand the techniques, terms, and tools needed to create your own woven tapestry. From this course you will walk away with your own creation, DIY loom, and the knowledge to continue the craft at home.

For more information about camps, check out their website at or call 653-3333.

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