Sometimes, after country artists put in years and years of hard work, they get famous over the course of what feels like five minutes. Such is the case for Russell Dickerson, who's still pretty uncomfortable talking about the fact that he's now a celebrity.

"Oh, jeez! It's so awkward to even talk about," he replies, squirming, when asked how his fan interactions have changed since he notched two back-to-back hit singles with "Yours" and "Blue Tacoma."

It didn't truly occur to Dickerson how widespread his fanbase was, in fact, until he and his wife traveled to Mexico. "We were on vacation at the place where we went to on our honeymoon five years go," he recalls. "I was still doing the same thing [back then], and probably had some of the same songs to play [as I do now]."

Still, this time around, there was one big difference: "Going back there now, it's like, 'Oh, hey, I know you!' And, 'Where do I know you?' and, 'How do I know you?'" Dickerson continues. "Like, 'Oh, are you Russell Dickerson?'

"And I was like, '... No!'" the singer goes on to say, laughing. "But I don't know. That whole idea of fame is really weird and new."

For Dickerson, recognition within the industry has been much less overwhelming. He says that as much as he loved having "Yours" as his first-ever chart-topping hit, it was the success of "Blue Tacoma" that proved that "Yours" hadn't been a fluke, and cemented his place in the business.

"A songwriter friend of mine, after "Blue Tacoma" went No. 1, he was like, 'You've arrived. Welcome,'" the singer explains. "You know what I mean? It was very solidifying."

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