Florida Georgia Line's upcoming Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour will feature an abundance of country duo star power, not only from the headlining act, but also from Dan + Shay, who will join them as direct support for the trek. While both groups perform as a pair, and feature vocal harmony in their setlists, Florida Georgia Line say they don't feel particularly competitive when performing alongside other duos -- except, of course, for the healthy dose of competition they feel towards all other performers.

"I don't know if I feel too much of a competition, personally, with other duos. I genuinely feel like, in this genre, that's one of the things, that it really does feel like a big family," says the duo's Tyler Hubbard. "I mean, we're always competing with everybody. We're competing with ourselves ... and we actually welcome the challenge and the competition of someone who can push us a little bit."

On the heels of their win at the 2019 Grammy Awards, Dan + Shay are the perfect candidates to inspire Florida Georgia Line to deliver their best performances yet on the road. However, FGL have always been inspired by other talented acts, ever since their early days on tour.

"I remember being out on the Luke Bryan tour, and we were the first of three [opening acts]. For that first 30 minutes we had, we were gonna crush Luke Bryan, you know?" Hubbard continues. "It was all friendly. We're friends. But at that point, for our 30 minutes, in our minds, we were the best act in the world."

In fact, he goes on to say, that's an important mindset for an artist to keep when they take the stage, no matter where they are in their career. "For that 30 minutes you're out there, you better believe you're the best artist that's ever been on the stage," he adds.

However, the best part of having another duo out on the road, for Florida Georgia Line, will be "the camaraderie, the family, the brotherhood of country music," Hubbard goes on to say, gesturing toward the hat on his head, which bore the logo of another duo: LoCash.

"At the end of the day, there's not too many people that can relate to [Brian Kelley's and my] lifestyle except Dan + Shay, except [LoCash's] Chris [Lucas] and Preston [Brust], and guys like that," he points out. "So really, the bond is there, and especially with guys like that, we just root 'em on. I'm pumped to be on tour together."

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