When Runaway June first began rehearsals with Carrie Underwood for the superstar's 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360, they hadn't gotten to know her all that well just yet. However, the trio soon learned that their tour boss has an unexpected hobby.

"She's always so perfect and beautiful and petite, but in reality, she loves Motley Crue, '80s metal. And she's obsessed with horror movies. They're, like, all she watches," Runaway June's Hannah Mulholland reveals.

Underwood isn't the only horror buff on the Cry Pretty Tour, however: Mulholland shares her penchant for the genre, as does Tae Dye of fellow supporting act Maddie & Tae. During a rehearsal early on, the three singers got a chance to connect over their love of horror movies.

"It was the first time that we were rehearsing for the show, and we still didn't really know her that well. She's a little shy, so she was just kind of standing in the corner, standing back," Mulholland remembers. "I was talking to Tae, who also likes horror movies, because I love them. I was like, 'Oh, I watched Hereditary last night,' or something. And I just see Carrie [shift in her chair to listen to the conversation].

"I was like, 'Oh, I get you now,'" Mulholland adds with a laugh.

"It was hysterical," the group's Naomi Cooke chimes in. "She looks like a little Polly Pocket, but she loves to watch murder."

Underwood's no lightweight, Mulholland clarifies, and can watch even the gorier horror films. "I was like, 'Do you like ghost stuff or murder stuff?' She was like, 'Oh, murder stuff,'" Mulholland recounts.

Perhaps Underwood's love of horror movies should be no surprise; after all, Underwood's killed off plenty of characters in her songs ("Two Black Cadillacs," "Blown Away" and others) over the years!

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