Country trio Runaway June may not have written "We Were Rich" -- Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley and Nicolle Galyon did -- but out of all the songs on their Blue Roses album, the bandmates agree that it's the song that feels the most like childhood and home. To learn why, and also to discover which lyric made bandmate Naomi Cooke burst into tears, read on.

Naomi Cooke: Sometimes, when you're in pitch meetings all day, it's like being in a perfume store: After a while, you can't smell anything, you know? But when that song got played, it was towards the end of the day, and there was a line that came in [in the song]. I have 10 brothers and sisters -- I'm from a big, big family -- and we were really poor growing up. We only had one bathroom. And there's a line that says, "One bathroom sink / We all took turns," and I just [started bawling] -- pouring tears, like, gotta have that song.

That one [feels like home]. Which is funny, because it was one of the few we didn't write, you know. But when we heard it, it was like, "I couldn't have said that any better myself if [I] tried." So that one, immediately, for all of us, just felt like childhood and home.

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