Americana duo Roses & Cigarettes have a new album coming in late February, and they're giving The Boot's readers a first listen to one of its tracks. Press play below to hear "Feel the Fire."

"Feel the Fire" is a melodic, sweet-sounding-but-rocking song about the beginning of a relationship -- that moment when "you can feel the tension building with someone, but no one is making the move," explains duo member Jenny Pagliaro.

"Boy, I feel the fire / And I can't wait any longer," Pagliaro and duo partner Angela Petrilli harmonize in the chorus, against a backdrop of guitars and pedal steel. "Hold on tight, don't let go ... I can see the fire in your eyes."

Petrilli admits that "Feel the Fire" "was one of the most stubborn songs we've ever written." Pagliaro had a "vibe" in her mind, having sent Petrilli an a cappella version of the chorus -- but they just couldn't get the melody quite right.

"I remember writing the chords for the chorus in a minor key, and it just didn’t work ... Once I changed the chorus to a major key, it uplifted the song, and it clicked," Petrilli recalls. "We brought it to our producer Michael Lyons and our drummer Vic Vanacore to add the touches only a rhythm section can. The interaction between the bass and drums in this song is something Jenny and I absolutely love."

"Feel the Fire" also features Chris Lawrence on pedal steel and Bobby Victor on keyboards. "They added such great dynamics and energy," says Petrilli.

"Feel the Fire" comes from Roses & Cigarette's sophomore album, Echoes and Silence, which is due out on Feb. 22. The duo formed in Los Angeles in 2013 and released their debut album in 2015 -- but, sadly, their future is unknown at this point, because Pagliaro is currently in the hospital battling Stage IV breast cancer.

Pagliaro was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer shortly after the release of Roses & Cigarettes' debut album. She went through treatment but was told the cancer had progressed and was now at Stage IV. Still, she underwent further treatment, then hit the road with Petrilli for a tour.

“I have to take care of myself and stay healthy,” says Pagliaro. “That’s my priority, but my music and the band will always be an important part of that healing process.”

In addition to their two albums, Roses & Cigarettes released an acoustic EP in March of 2018. They've opened shows for, among others, Amanda Shires and Jim Lauderdale.

Echoes and Silence is due out on Feb. 22.

Listen to Roses & Cigarettes, "Feel the Fire":

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