Marty Brown is back! The former MCA Records recording artist is reviving his music career with a new single, "Umbrella Lovers," and he's letting Taste of Country readers hear it first.

The guitar-driven mid-tempo song finds the narrator and his love walking in the rain and stopping for a public display of affection, impervious to the weather.

"A couple of umbrella lovers / Our hearts were made for days like this / A couple of umbrella lovers / Caught in a kiss," Brown sings in the chorus.

"It’s a springtime song. I can see this couple in the big city," he tells us. "They’re walking in the rain and they don’t care. They’ve got an umbrella but they don’t even care if they’re getting wet. They don’t care about nothin’ or nobody because they’re in love, and what brings them together is this umbrella. They’re umbrella lovers. It’s one of my favorite songs on the record as a writer."

"Umbrella Lovers" is the first taste fans have had of Brown's upcoming new album, American Highway, which is set for release via Plowboy Records in May. The new deal marks Brown's first record deal in two decades.

Brown made a name for himself as a modern-day country traditionalist during a run at MCA Records in the '90s, and he's also written songs for other artists, including “I’m From the Country” for Tracy Byrd, “When I Stop Loving You” for Trace Adkins and “It Ain’t Me If It Ain’t You” for Brooks & Dunn. He walked away from his career when that deal came to an end at the end of the decade, and he's spent most of the ensuing two decades quietly at home with his family in Kentucky, fishing, working on cars and building bird boxes.

His wife, Shellie, slowly convinced him to try his hand at music again by booking him a small gig, and in 2013 she surprised her husband by driving him to Nashville to audition for America's Got Talent, where he finished in the Top 10. Brown's performance of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love” went viral, receiving more than 11 million views on YouTube and setting him on the road to a comeback.

For more information about Marty Brown, visit his official website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Listen to Marty Brown, "Umbrella Lovers"

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