Riley Green is placing his bets on the end of his relationship in "Bettin' Man," a song that finds him going back and forth in weighing the odds that his girl is as good as gone — for good.

"If I was a bettin’ man / I’d say she’s halfway to Birmingham / On the phone with her mom and them / Cussin’ me to hell and back again / I bet she’s got her radio on / Singin’ somethin’ ‘bout movin’ on / I’d put a hundred on her never comin’ back again / If I was a bettin’ man," Green croons in the chorus.

The Alabama native co-wrote "Bettin' Man" with Erik Dylan and Jonathan Singleton.

"I had success early on with my fans by consistently putting out new music, and I think they have become accustomed to that. I want to keep that connection we’ve built and always put them first," Green says in a press release, making a commitment to stay true to the artist he's always been. "If they keep listening, I will keep 'em coming."

The newcomer's live show is said to include more fan interaction some of his fellow singers — Green listens to what fans say on social media regarding his setlist and conforms, giving the fans what they want.

If "There Was This Girl" was Green's introduction to country radio listeners, "Bettin' Man" is us getting to know him a little better.

This summer Green will be touring around the states and internationally on Brad Paisley’s 2019 World Tour, performing selections from his In a Truck Right Now EP at each stop. Chris Lane will also act as support on a tour that kicks off on May 30 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Green will also be hitting up the festival circuit in between tour dates this summer.

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