With Natalie Maines and husband Adrian Pasdar's divorce held up due to a claim that their prenuptial agreement is invalid, the Dixie Chicks member is asking a court to validate the document. A court ruling in her favor would allow the divorce to proceed faster.

According to the Blast, Maines is asking a judge to bifurcate the issue of the validity of their prenup, which means that the court would decide whether or not the document is valid separately from the rest of the divorce ruling. “If the issue of the validity of the Prenuptial Agreement was bifurcated, this would allow an early disposition of most of the dissolution issues regarding property and support,” Maines writes.

In early 2019, Pasdar -- an actor who is well known for his role on the TV show Heroes -- challenged the couple's prenup, which they signed before getting married in 2000. He is claiming that Maines provided their family's primary source of income during their marriage, and that it would be "unconscionable" if she were to not pay both spousal support and child support -- a total of $60,503 each month -- as well as his attorneys fees.

"Respondent claims that the Prenuptial Agreement is invalid. Respondent claims he did not understand the terms of the Prenuptial Agreement, that he did not understand the legal effect of the Prenuptial Agreement, that the terms of the Prenuptial Agreement are presently unconscionable and that he did not have adequate knowledge of my property and financial obligations when he signed the Prenuptial Agreement," Maines continues. "I disagree.”

For his part, Pasdar says that he "does not recall the events related to the drafting and negotiation of the prenuptial agreement in 2000.” His lawyers claim, "At present, Adrian lacks the financial resources from which to support himself and their children at a level anywhere near the marital standard.”

A hearing on Maines and Pasdar's prenuptial agreement's validity is set for June.

Maines filed for divorce from Pasdar in mid-2017, citing "irreconcilable differences." The couple met at the wedding of Charlie Robison and Emily Robison Strayer, Maines' Dixie Chicks bandmate, in May of 1999, shortly after Maines' divorce from her college boyfriend, Michael Tarabay. Together, Maines and Pasdar have two sons, Jackson and Beckett.

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