Rascal Flatts brought their newest single 'Rewind' to a stage in Las Vegas during the 2014 ACM Awards.

They may have performed close to the end of the award show, but their rockin' performance was one you may want to rewind and live again. They do save the best for last. The trio opened the song under blue lights. Gary LeVox wore all black and sang into a tall microphone stand. Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus dressed more casually and wore headset microphones so nothing could get in the way of them playing.

Their video played while Rascal Flatts performed their new hit song. As the first chorus came up, LeVox kicked to the beat and they all walked the stage together. They didn't dress in uniform, but their performance was in tune. LeVox acted out the words of the song, spinning himself around in front of their fans. They interacted with the crowd, waving and singing to them while dancing.

The crowd sang the words of the catchy song back to the band who appeared to have an equally good time performing the song as the fans who were able to just watch it.

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