Last week, Randy Travis was cited with a Class C assault after a physical confrontation with his girlfriend’s estranged husband in the parking lot of a Texas church. The husband, Dr. Ritchie Beougher, claims the country superstar did much worse than inflict an “unwanted touch” upon him.

Gregory Shamoun is the lawyer who is representing Dr. Beougher in the case against Travis. The lawyer told Taste of Country that his client was kicked in the stomach and pushed during an argument over custody of Ritchie and Mary Beougher’s teenage son, who was returning from camp that day. Shamoun says Dr. Beougher had “sole right to take possession of the child,” but when he tried to do so, Travis intervened and “threatened to kill him.”

Previously, Plano, Texas police spokesman David Tilley described a Class C assault as something from a simply unwanted touch to any physical contact that doesn’t cause pain or injury. On Sunday, Nashville Gab reported that Shamoun said “the story told about Randy Travis defending his paramour is a total fabrication.” Shamoun reiterated that point during a phone call with Taste of Country, adding that his client is also angry about the incident involving Travis’s truck.

The vehicle was found wrecked and abandoned on Saturday (Aug. 25). Travis’s lawyer said that the singer “hasn’t been in that truck or seen that truck in about three months,” adding that, “this has nothing to do with Randy whatsoever.”

Shamoun claims Travis frequently let his girlfriend’s 16-year-old son drive the truck, speculating that it may have been wrecked while the boy was mudding in the field. Additionally, the lawyer admits it’s possible that the son was behind the wheel at the time of the accident, but he was not sure. Shamoun said he was the one who took the photos of the smashed truck, which appeared in the Dallas Morning News.

At press time, Travis’ lawyer had not yet returned a request for comment regarding Shamoun’s claims. Officer Tilley told Taste of Country that Travis allegedly kicked Beougher, but said he was advised that the kick did not cause Beougher pain or injury, therefore falling in the Class C assault category. He also confirmed that Travis was handcuffed following the incident, adding that it was only for safety reasons “due to his agitated state.”

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