Dating during COVID-19 is a bit tricky, trying to get to know someone when you can't be near them.

That being said, it is not impossible!

Here are some ideas to make your date night better

1) Get dressed up - ditch that loungewear you've been living in for the past few weeks and put on a dress or slacks and a shirt.

2) Cook dinner together - whip up a meal over Zoom or try out some new recipes at home

3) Order in the same food - for more of a restaurant experience, try out a subscription service that delivers weekly meal kits and DIY meal kits

4) Try out a new bottle that's not your usual go-to, or sample some new beer or ciders

5) Settle in with some entertainment outside of Netflix or Hulu, try one of the many other streaming services like Marquee TV, a streaming service for dance, opera, music, documentaries and theatre from places like The Royal Ballet Company, The Royal Shakespeare Company and Opera Zurich.

Even if you don't like the activity, actively mocking something with the person you love is just as fun.

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