Earlier today, the city sent out the following press release about the water in San Angelo:

Today, Monday, Feb. 8, 2021, the San Angelo Water Utilities Department began receiving numerous complaints about an unusual odor in their tap water in the PaulAnn area.

The odor is typically more noticeable during aeration of the water, for instance while showering or washing your hands in a sink. The City sent a laboratory crew to the area to speak to several residents and to collect water samples in an effort to determine the cause and source of the odor.

Water samples have been shipped overnight to an independent laboratory to help determine the cause.

As a precaution, Water Utilities requests that you do not use the water citywide until the cause and source is determined. This includes bathing. Water can be used for flushing of toilets or for watering landscape. Laboratory test results should be available within 24-48 hours.

Chlorine residuals and bacteria tests in the area are normal. There is no concern for bacterial contamination, which is being monitored continuously at this time.

This is a precautionary advisory until we have more information.

For clarification, in order for retail food establishments to operate, they must have hot and cold running water under pressure. In this case due to our “do not use” notice, this does not allow for restaurants to remain in operation at this time. Boiling water will not solve the issue because this is not a bacteriological issue that can be solved by boiling water.

If you have questions concerning this matter, you may contact the Water Quality Lab at 325-481-2722

Please stay safe, there is no way to know how long this will last, we will update you as soon as the information is made available to us.

These water systems listed below are customers of the City of San Angelo Water System.

·       Turquoise Water
·       Concho Rural Water Pecan Creek
·       City of Miles
·       Twin Buttes Water System
·       Concho Rural Water Grape Creek
·       Water Wagon Water Hauling Service
·       Goodfellow AFB
·       Red Creek MUD
·       Concho Rural Water – Water Hauling
·       Original Services Water Hauler
·       Millersview-Doole Water System
Here is the latest from the city:

We are still awaiting results from the test samples that were taken yesterday. Here is what we know at this time.

  • Complaints of unusual odor in tap water in PaulAnn area
  • City collected water samples to send to labs to help determine cause of the odor
  • Do not use water at this time. This extends to the entire city as well customers of the city water utility system. You can find that list at cosatx.us/news.
  • Do not use water for anything other than flushing toilets or watering landscape. This includes bathing, handwashing or any consumption. We recommend using bottled water at this time.
  • This does not allow for retail food establishments to remain in operation at this time.
  • Boiling water will not help because the potential contamination is NOT bacterial and therefore cannot be killed via boiling. We are continuously monitoring for bacteria – it is not present at this time.
  • We hope to receive lab results later today.
  • This issue is precautionary until we have more information.
  • Water Department crews and staff have been working nonstop to resolve this issue and restore water back to our community.

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