The Oak Ridge Boys sang for their president on Thursday (Dec. 6), making good on a promise to perform "Amazing Grace" at President George H.W. Bush's funeral. Their moving performance was intensely personal.

The four men first reflected on time spent with America's 41st president, recalling their first show for the late Bush Sr. on the lawn of the White House in October 1983. Then-Vice President Bush was a big fan of the group, and through the years they became friends. Members (from left to right) Richard Sterban, William Lee Golden and Duane Allen nodded in agreement as Joe Bonsall talked about singing for Bush whenever he called. Like they have in interviews leading up to Thursday's (Dec. 6) funeral service in Houston, Bonsall talked about how it was an honor to sing for "our president."

"What a lot of people may not know is he fancied himself to be a good bass singer," Bonsall says, smiling as he hooked the audience's attention and everyone in the room chuckled. "He was not."

It was a light moment after an emotional week that H.W.'s son, President George W. Bush, seemed to enjoy hardily in the front pew. Immediately after, the Oak Ridge Boys got back to the business of singing the spiritual.

After them came country's Reba McEntire, who sang "The Lord's Prayer" with tears in her eyes. She too had developed a relationship with President Bush, having met him on several occasions. On Instagram in the days leading up to a final emotional goodbye to the American leader and war hero, McEntire would call him a great president and a great friend. "My favorite," she said in the caption of one particularly touching photo.

President George H.W. Bush died on Nov. 30 at the age of 94.

Watch Reba McEntire Sing "The Lord's Prayer" at President Bush's Funeral

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