Dylan Scott's son, Beckett Scott Robinson, turns 1 on Dec. 12, and in an interview with Taste of Country, the singer admits that his son has inspired several new songs.

"A lot of daddy songs right now," he tells Taste of Country. "I wrote a song called '3AM.' When you're younger, you used to rock at 3AM, but it's not the same kind of rocking you do now at 3AM."

Scott says his son still wakes up twice a night to eat before going back to sleep. While he's somewhat adjusted to his new sleep schedule, the singer says he's excited to experience Christmas with his young son, who is now aware of what's going on around him.

"We're going to spoil him. It's going to be a fun year. I've never experienced Christmas like we're going to do it this year," he admits. 'He's very excited. He's very aware right now of what's going on."

Young Beckett is very aware of his father's music, too.

"He does listen to my music. He knows when Daddy comes on," Scott marvels. "He stops and he's like, 'Oh, that's my dad's music.'"

Scott is putting the final touches on his sophomore album, due out next year. His latest single, "Nothing To Do Town," is a departure from his debut project.

"[I'm] real excited about it. [It's a] real uptempo song. If you were to drive through the town I grew up in you would literally go, 'What do these people do for fun?' But we do a lot for fun so that's what the song's about," he explains.

"It's different than anything I put out. It does not compare to anything on my last album."

Scott's self-titled debut album was released in 2016. It included No. 1 single "My Girl" and top 5 single "Hooked."

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