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What kind of message does this send?

Less than two weeks ago, a tourist was killed, and more than a dozen were wounded in a mass shooting on 6th Street in downtown Austin and on Tuesday, charges were dropped against two teens who had guns and were involved in an argument that preceded the shooting.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Austin Interim Police Chief Joe Chacon said their investigation found a different person, 19-year-old De'ondre White, as the shooter and have issued a murder warrant for his arrest. 17-year-old Jeremiah Tabb and a teen whose name has not been released were initially arrested. Tabb was charged as an adult.

Chacon said Tabb and the arrested juvenile were both involved in the dispute and had guns, but ballistics evidence determined that the shot that killed Kantor came from White's gun.

“These two individuals were involved. This is not people who were innocent bystanders or somehow incorrectly identified in this case,” he said.

Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza said the charges were dismissed against Tabb and the the other teen in order to focus on the murder case.

“When the time comes we will evaluate the totality of the evidence in this case. If the evidence bears it out, both people will be appropriately charged,” Garza said.

So, the question for the time being becomes, does the district attorney feel it is okay for those underage to carry guns in Austin and on 6th Street? What kind of message does that send to allow these individuals to go away facing no charges right now even though they brought firearms to a popular entertainment district in our state capital?

Surely these two young men were not legally carrying their guns. They obviously did not have a license to carry since they are under 21 years of age. And is the district attorney sure the two teenagers were not involved in the shooting?

What is your opinion of the district attorney in Travis County letting these two go without charges. Let us know on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

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