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A viral TikTok trend is leading to school districts across the country canceling classes today including here in Texas.

In a story from usnews.com, the Associated Press reports school districts across the country are letting parents know they are aware of online threats of school bombings and shootings even though the threats are "not considered credible."

The TikTok threat has not gone unnoticed locally here in San Angelo.

The San Angelo Independent School District addressed the challenge in a letter to parents and guardians on Thursday. According to the letter, the district has been in contact with San Angelo Police Department and there may be an increased police presence on their campuses.

San Angelo ISD is aware of the national TikTok challenge circulating about school violence on Friday, December 17, 2021. This is the newest in a string of TikTok posts, but this challenge is NOT specific to any San Angelo ISD school. It is a general post, circulating across our nation.

We are aware of this challenge, and SAISD is keeping in close contact with the San Angelo Police Department. We take all matters of this nature seriously, and students and staff may see an increase in police presence on school campuses tomorrow.

The district encouraged parents and guardians in the letter to talk with their students about "appropriate use of social media" and encouraged students to report concerns through the district's StayAlert link.

So, are you concerned with this new TikTok threat here locally in San Angelo? Do you think the challenge is a hoax? If you would like to see the letter to parents in its entirety from the San Angelo ISD, you can click here.

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