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I've heard recently that the country is experiencing labor shortages across many industries from health care to restaurant workers to even truckers.

Now when I go around our great town of San Angelo, I notice for the most part everything is busy, and everything is open. After all, it is the holiday season, and it wouldn't be the Christmas shopping season if the stores weren't any less hotter than they are.

But in all seriousness, are businesses and more specifically small businesses really struggling to find workers right now? Is this really COVID related, or did we really have these issues before COVID?

I know people are concerned about inflation. I see prices are higher at restaurants. I see prices are higher at grocery stores. But it seems those restaurants and grocery stores are using that extra money to hire more people. And I see more and more workers in those stores and restaurants.

I hear there are people applying for a lot of the jobs that are available out there, but I also hear that a lot of those people who are applying for certain jobs may not be qualified for those positions.

That sounds like that was an issue before we had COVID. Perhaps that's an education problem, not necessarily an issue that's COVID related. What do you think?

Now in the medical industry, I hear nurses are exhausted. We all are exhausted. We're all adults here, come on now. Nurses are resigning because they don't want to get vaccinated and frankly, I don't blame them. Now if there is a labor issue related to COVID, that may be one.

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