I am a tv fanatic, I love it, I love a wide variety of shows and most of them are comedies.

So I have decided to count down my favorite funny scenes from SNL sketches, to actual comedy shows etc.

Brooklyn 99- I want it that way

This scene went viral online a couple years ago when Detective Jake Peralta in the middle of a very serious process of a police line up, got the criminals to sing along to the Backstreet Boys. He got so caught up that he actually forgot what he was supposed to be doing.

SNL- Meet your second wife

The combination of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey is legendary. In this sketch they teamed up to horrify husbands and their wives by introducing the men to their second wives.

Sesame Street- Ricky Gervais Singing to Elmo

This one is so great, I've watched it dozens of times. Ricky Gervais comes into Elmo's room to sing a lullaby.

Psych- Office space

If you don't watch the show, Shawn is a fake psychic detective, Gus is his partner. Guy has another job as a Pharmaceutical salesman. He just got into a huge fight with his boss, only to find his boss dead a couple hours later.


Community is a very under appreciated show from the 2000's that you should watch on Netflix. In this scene 2 characters are caught breaking into an office.

Key and Peele-Substitute teacher

Possibly the most iconic sketch from Key and Peele. An inner city substitute teacher getting regular names wrong. Sounds weird on paper, but it is so funny.

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