The Red Raider football team welcomed another round of newcomers over the weekend, as 19 more football players showed up to campus before the start of fall camp. There was a litany of Texas Tech-themed masks to go around and plenty of social distancing, too.

After the new players moved in and a few additional staff members showed up, Texas Tech athletics tested everyone. The football program announced 21 additional tests for COVID-19 and had zero positive results.

That's great news. If the team can now practice strict social distancing measures in Lubbock, it will increase the likelihood of the football season in the fall.

According to the press release from Texas Tech Athletics: "To date, Texas Tech has now completed 218 tests for COVID-19 among its football student-athletes and staff with a total of 23 positive results, all of which are now recovered."

That confirms there are no current hospitalizations for the football program, and the safety measures that the team is taking are working, at least for the first few weeks.

As the rest of the players show up, they will all be tested as part of Texas Tech's established safety guidelines.

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