It only took a few days of controversy and an extremely heated political climate to cancel the release of The Hunt, Craig Zobel’s thriller about a bunch of “deplorables” hunted by “liberal elites” in a dystopian future. Although the film’s distributor, Universal, has made no mention of when or even if The Hunt will ever see the light of day, it stands to reason that when the subject matter becomes a little less timely, it might wind up getting a release somewhere, somehow.

If it doesn’t, though, The Hunt will not be the first completed movie that never saw the light of day. Film history is littered with similarly discarded projects that, for one reason or another, were written, shot, edited, and then ... sat on a shelf for years upon years. Sometimes, it was because they were too controversial. Other times, it was because there were legal issues. And sometimes, the movie was just plain crappy. But each of the ten examples (listed in chronological order) never made their way to theaters, or even home video. As of this writing, none of them have.


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